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In June, 1999, Mendelsohn and her daughter, Rebekah, found a female mannequin at a yard sale. The seller asked $20, and when Mendelsohn replied that the mannequin was headless, the seller came down in price by $5.

Bekah, Bridgit, and Pam,  Arcata, California, 1999  copyright Peter Palmquist

Bekah, Bridgit, and Pam
Arcata, California
June, 1999

Peter Palmquist

Thus began an extraordinary series of adventures that Mendelsohn has been recording with lens and pen. "Bridgit (the mannequin) is a blank page," Mendelsohn explained recently. "She has none of the obvious trappings we associate with personality except that what there is of her arms is in a very triumphant pose. What is endlessly fascinating is the way in which people relate to her and how it is that she fits into situations. Having a master's degree in psychology and a background in counseling have been definite assets."

Getting to Know Felicity  San Francisco, copyright 1999 Pam Mendelsohn

Getting To Know Felicity
San Francisco, 1999

Pam Mendelsohn

Some of the places Bridgit has been and some of the people with whom she has posed: a scrap and salvage yard where the owner brought in what looked like Bridgit's cousin; the steps of St. Brigid's Cathedral with a man who chose to pose in a reverse Pieta; a mirrored stage in San Francisco's North Beach with two dancers; a sideshow act with a beautiful clown (above); a body piercing and tattoo parlor; with a patriarchal polygamist tree cutter; a three wheeler police cart with a police woman; among her 5,500 year old headless "sisters" on Malta (below); a hubcap store; a tuxedo rental store; the beach for the solstice; out to sea in the shadows of a wheel off a friend's wheelchair; with a monumental Grateful Dead "priest"; in a tree at an artists' colony in Totnes, England; with the proud owner of a 1932 Ford hotrod; among the Redwood giants (below); and inside the gigantic Comedy of Errors clock in the prop shop at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

Bridgit with her 5,500 year old Ancestors | Malta, 1999 copyright Pam Mendelsohn

Bridgit and her 5,500 year old Ancestors
Malta, 1999
Pam Mendelsohn

When asked to comment on her all-consuming involvement with Bridgit, Mendelsohn explained: "A friend recently said that my art form is actually about making connections. If that is so, then Bridgit has propelled me into performance art. The art form involves a totally engaging conduit, Bridgit. The tools include: an ability to engage and a strong desire to document the experiences through writing and photography."

Bridgit Among the Giants,  Arcata Community Forest, 1999 copyright Pam Mendelsohn

Bridgit Among the Giants
Arcata Community Forest, 1999
Pam Mendelsohn

Photographs of Bridgit have already appeared in five juried shows in 1999 and 2000: 

Other shows include:

Mendelsohn was the featured artist at Women In Photography April through June, 2000. The Bridgit photographs and vignettes are evolving into a book.  Current and future exhibitions are listed here.   

Bridgit in Malta
Bridgit at St. Brigid's
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