Recent Focus: Bridgit


Bridgit Among the Giants,  Arcata Community Forest, 1999 copyright Pam Mendelsohn
Bridgit Among the Giants
Arcata Community Forest, 1999
Pam Mendelsohn



Bekah, Bridgit, and Pam, Arcata, California 1999 copyright Peter Palmquist  About Bridgit


Bridgit with her 5,000 year old ancestors, Malta, 1999  copyright Pam Mendelsohn   Bridgit in Malta


Bridgit among the crystals and before floating, Berkeley, 1999  copyright Pam Mendelsohn   She Floats!


On the steps of St. Brigid's, San Francisco, 1999  copyright Pam Mendelsohn   Bridgit at St. Brigid's


Winter Solstice at Mad River Beach, Arcata, California, 1999  copyright Pam Mendelsohn  High Light: Winter Solstice


Bridgit with Jason at Primal Decor, Eureka, CA  Copyright 1999, Pam Mendelsohn   Excursion to Primal Decor


Getting to Know Felicity, San Francisco  Copyright 1999, Pam Mendelsohn   Getting to Know Felicity


more to come . . .



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